Happy Birthday!

I would like to take a moment to wish a special lady a Happy Birthday. I’ve shared many tables with her, and though we have lived in different states, or countries even, I count my times with this lady among some of my favorite.

I can remember the fall when she surprised my whole family and came in town for Thanksgiving dinner. I mean, no one knew she was coming and I think we had just said Amen when she walked through the door. Every Thanksgiving after that, we wondered if she would make a surprise appearance. Everyone looks forward to spending time with this treasure.

There was the summer that I was able to spend a couple of weeks with her in Texas. I helped out at the tearoom she owned. There were plenty of tables to share that week. She helped me master filling a water glass and setting a table just so. Hospitality has always been one of her gifts.

Her tearoom wasn’t the last tea we’ve shared. She threw a breathtaking bridal tea for all the ladies in my family on the back porch of the Belle Meade Mansion. Having all those women in one place was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Especially seeing all of us wearing fancy large hats. She has a way of making everything just a little bit more special.

This is only a sampling of my memories with my aunt. She is more than an aunt to me she has become a friend and encourager in my life. She is one of the most talented and giving people I know. I love you Aunt Polly! 



Aunt Polly (center) posing with her brother and sister on the back porch of the Belle Meade.