Back to School

Seems like every other post on my Facebook feed is another adorable back to school photo of a friend’s child. It got me thinking about my first days of school. Even at a young age I would obsess over what I was going to wear or how I was going to fix my hair. Some things never change with kids.


My first day of kindergarten

There was that part of every first day of school that was either the social highlight or, depending on the year, the most anxiety inducing hour of the day. Lunch period. My mom fixed my lunch on most days and I would buy my little carton of milk for a dime. The contents of my lunch were very healthy. Usually it was a half of a ham sandwich on wheat bread with yellow mustard, and some form of a fruit and vegetable. No chips and no candy.

Regardless of the contents, my lunchbox was always in vogue. Luckily, my uncle worked for Aladdin in Nashville. He was able to outfit me every year with the latest in lunch box trends. If I only had that collection now, I’m sure I could sell them to collectors for a pretty penny. I’m sure that tin Strawberry Shortcake number would fetch a buck or two.

These days, my lunch hour is spent running errands or grabbing a “healthy” bite from the fast food place down the road. But what I would really love is a ham sandwich with a side of raw broccoli florets especially made by mom.