In the balance

Food we share isn’t always passed around an actual table. There’s tailgating, picnicking, and some eat while driving, walking or standing. There’s an element of balance and coordination utilized when an old fashioned table is not involved. These are qualities that don’t come naturally to me. This weekend I was reminded of one of those situations. One I’ve been practicing ever since the first time I saw a bride-to-be unwrap a crock-pot.

The ladies in my church live for a baby or wedding shower. They plan every detail, flowers that coordinate with tablecloth, that go with the matching paper napkins. Then there’s the food. They thoughtfully plan a menu of chicken salad croissants that balance the sweet fruit skewers and accent the herbed cheese ball and crackers. And don’t forget about the cheese straws. Note- if you don’t know about these southern delicacies, make some or buy some, you must get them in your belly. Usually there is something sweet at the end of the long table of silver platters. Cupcakes are the latest circulating trend and that’s fine with me.

So, I’m at a church shower the other afternoon and I have my plate of goodness, my cup of punch and my purse and thankfully I’ve already dropped my gift off at the overflowing table of generosity. As I’ve already mentioned, I’ve been practicing this balancing act for years. I sit, ankles crossed, and holding the plate, cup and paper napkin with my left hand hoping that a grape doesn’t roll off my plate and trip a cane up.  I look over and an older lady says, you’ve got this down, don’t you? I smile and think to myself, this might be the only time in my life I look like I’m semi-coordinated. I guess it takes practice.


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