Chicken Parmesan

I’ve always been blessed to be surrounded by people who are full of grace. Especially when it comes to my cooking experiments.

I was a young homeowner and needed some heavy furniture moved to the upstairs of my tiny house. I successfully negotiated a home cooked meal in exchange for the moving skills to two of my friends. The furniture had been moved and I had fixed each hungry man a pretty plate of homemade chicken parmesan. We sat down and said grace. I eagerly encouraged my guests to eat up.

I must interject here and tell you about a dessert that I had made earlier in the week. A no-bake cookie recipe made with orange juice, coconut and vanilla wafer crumbs. Tasty little things, but back to dinner.

Guest number one took a bite of the crunchy chicken doused in marinara sauce and laying on a bed of spaghetti. I was so proud of this meal, I had guessed at how to make it all by myself! It looked like chicken parm and it smelled like chicken parm. Success! After his first bite, he looked up and right at me. I asked him how it was and he replied with “Sweet!” Oh, Good! I thought, he likes it! So, I took a bite. Apparently, sweet in this case wasn’t slang for good. It actually tasted sweet. I took another bite. Nope, nothing changed it was defiantly sweet. What had I done?

Well, those orange cookies, the ones made with the vanilla wafer crumbs? You can bread chicken with them too! Vanilla wafer crusted chicken was a pretty “sweet” mistake!


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