The Dinner Date

It was a dark and stormy night; I had been set up on a blind date. It really was dark and stormy. I walked toward the restaurant and I caught a glimpse from under my umbrella of a gentleman who I hopped was my date for the evening, I never carry an umbrella but I thought it would be the lady like thing to do.

And there I sat across the table from him. Conversation was flowing, he kept me laughing and I thought he was cute. So we ordered dessert, one chocolate brownie sundae, and two spoons. Well, wasn’t this date off to a good start? I have to admit that I had been a tad bit nervous up until this point. But a good southern gentleman knows how to make his company comfortable.

The waiter brought us our dessert and we each took a bite. After a couple of careful bites on my part, I am not as graceful as I wish to be, I surrendered my half of the dessert to my hot date across from me. He must have been so excited that with his next bite, down the chocolate fudge went, a few dribbles on his pale green shirt. All of my nerves melted away at that point. I knew I had met my match. I had shared the first meal across the table from my love. 


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