Saturday Mornings

ImageWhile the rest of my peers in elementary school were watching cartoons on Saturday mornings, I was watching cooking shows on the public television channel. This was way before The Food Network was in existence. Julia Child, The Frugal Gourmet, and Justin Wilson’s The Cajun Cook, were my favorites.

But I didn’t just watch them; I became my own version of them. Our kitchen had an open area in the wall that looked into the den. It was my window into my own television audience. With every crack of an egg or measurement of oil to dump into my brownie mix, I described exactly what to do. Sometimes I would make an attempt at Julia Child’s accent as part of the show. Can you imagine a little southern girl doing a deep British accent? Comical I’m sure.

As I continued in my cooking experiments and “television shows”, I began premeasuring all of my ingredients into separate little bowls so I could easily dump them in as I went along. Every good cook does this, right? Well, after a couple times of having to clean all the little bowls, I decided a set of measuring spoons was enough for me.

I still watch cooking shows on Saturday mornings. They help me ease into my morning as I make breakfast for my husband and I. And they also make morning chores a little more enjoyable. There are more options on television now more than ever, and having them is also one of the perks that come along with having every sport channel known to man.

I may or may not still pretend to be on my own cooking show, but I do use the things I’ve learned… I GARONTEE!


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