Culinary Commitment

I married a self-professed steak and potato kind of guy with a sweet tooth to boot. That description not only describes what he likes to eat, but his personality as well. He can yell at the game on TV without hesitation, yet he is really just full of sweetness.

Early in our relationship, before the words I love you were even whispered, we made a commitment to never share a fast food meal. Now, that was a promise I could say, “I do” to. I was elated to find a guy who took the term “wine and dine” literally! Of course, that doesn’t mean that we haven’t run through a drive through a time or two, we just have never shared a five-dollar heart attack with one another.  A pricier version- yes, but that’s another story for another day.

After we married, I tried to infuse some greenery into this white world of potatoes and protein. With every new recipe to try, a promise was made. If I burned it, or botched it, I would buy him a meal from the golden arches just down the road. It might have been considered bribery for a side of green beans, but it worked.

It’s only been three short years later and he hasn’t had to make a run to the drive through- yet. I’m sure there have been occasions that he really wanted to. A burnt pan of under cooked barbeque chicken happens to come to mind! But that’s when the sweet side works to his advantage and mine. I pull out the special dessert he has requested and the smell of burnt protein seems to disappear.

My green bean loving man, he is perfect for me. I’d like to think our relationship is like a well-balanced meal. We have everything we need and enough sweetness to boot.


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